November 03, 2006


I'm so exited I can barely contain myself. I woke up around 2:-2:30 to something wonderful. Christmas music and thoughts of snow. It was awesome to wake to the tunes of Johnny Mathis (or to what sounds like him anyway). Peculiar to say the least but I will never question God's graces in whatever way he chooses to allow a message to get through. Spiritual music has always delighted my heart, and so has the christmas music of this artist. I've always played it when I decorated my tree. What is odd, I have not thought about Christmas or snow for quite some time. I love it. December is coming and now more than ever I can't wait. What is beautiful is it sounded so real as if it was playing in my room. Just wonderful. Thank you heavenly Father.

Last night I took the pictures out and put them in the computer to look at, and I was awed by God, he's just so beautiful. Such joy when I gazed at his countenance.

Then I looked at my dog and cried tears of sorrow, for I miss him so much. If ever a pet was given to us as a gift from God to be our companions for a time, it was my pet. He's been gone now two years and the sorrow of his loss is still great. I thank God that he was given to me.

I remember a time a few years ago when I had an SUV, my dog loved that vehicle. Every time I went out he wanted to go. Not in the car before or the one after. By then he was sixteen years old and having a difficult time with the stairs, yet go in this vehicle and you want to see a dog transformed as if he was young, it was him. He would stand on the seat and look straight out the window as if he was king of the road. It was something to see, and now as I recall it, it becomes a fond memory. When the company I worked for, eliminated my department and nine of us lost our positions, I had to downsize car for reasons of the high payments of a loan. But my dog never liked the small car. He was a smart one, he felt secure in bigger seats. Too funny.

I still have yet to find a picture of my mom, but then again I could take one of her snoozing in the chair. She would kill me then. Well anyway, that is a good thought, trying to catch her unawares for a photo shot.

Let it snow, let it snow. I love it.

4 Words of Wisdom:

Gabrielle said...

marie cecile, do you think early November is too early to start playing the Christmas music? I am severely tempted...I picked up an inexpensive Advent reflection book yesterday, and I am longing for a very special preparation for Christmas this year.

joanne said...

No never to early to play christmas music, o I LOVE christmas but that sadness of christmas with family is against family I dont know why people have to be so negative and he horrible but I pray for them and that the real meaning of christmas will come back

Marie Cecile said...

I think anytime now is a good time to begin. After waking to such a delight, I played the music to hear what it is I heard but could not find it on the CD. Probably because it came in bits and pieces of a few different one's. Well anyway listening to Christmas music after was rewarding.

I think it's great you found a reflection book for Advent. I think your preparation will be very special this year. After all we are anxiously awaiting the birth of our Lord.

Marie Cecile said...

Joanne, it is sad that families are this way. But some it is because they put a price tag on Christmas, and it causes many to dislike the season, yet they forget it is not about gifts but about a special event that we remember each year, the birth of our Savior. And I pray too for this as you do also, that the real meaning of this season will shine.

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