November 14, 2006

Only you

I've often wondered why help always comes after the fact. Why when it's needed before, when after it's too late. Or why is it people take advantage of nice people. Yesterday I went to a job interview. Since I have to borrow money from my parents to pay for things, parking was one of them. It cost four dollars for an hour, and I payed it. It took over an hour so when I went to leave the guy charged me six dollars for the other hour. All total it came to ten dollars for two hours. Am I griping, yes. I was so frustrated, I just let God have it.

God what am I supposed to do, I am doing my best, I am giving you all of me, what more am I to do. What on earth am I doing wrong to warrant an ever growing debt, no job, no income, health issues I'd rather not have, and you want me to smile and be full of joy for the heavy cross I am carrying. To what purpose is this all supposed to be for. And then out of it I find friendship where I would not have found it before. I found love from others even against the odds. I found strength in faith to walk each day with you holding my hand. And yes at times you are carrying me because I'm so devastated that I can no longer walk on my own.

This is my cross and it is one I carry alone. It is a cross that many out there carry too. I look to God for all my needs, not to anyone else. He alone is the one who gives me strength to survive. No one else. He is the one who whispers love to my heart and caresses my cheek with a breeze, no one else. He is true comfort, he alone is joy. He is and always will be the one whom I put my trust in, no one else.

Oh gentle and loving God, who throughout time and eternity seek the goodness from our hearts. Oh kind and merciful God, who nourishes our souls to keep us with him.
Oh gracious God, how you treasure us.
Oh loving God who created all of mankind, stir in our hearts a steadfast loyalty to you and only you.
Oh faithful and loving God, we praise you and give you undying glory, forever and ever and beyond.

6 Words of Wisdom:

Anonymous said...

Always, He is readying something for each of us, and is readying us as well. He is not distracted. But in the meanwhile, yes, He teaches us what is important, but He does it so quietly, many miss it entirely. I'm glad you remain aware of His love and attention, no matter how missing it seems at times.

forget me not said...

This is an act of faith, hope and love MC. Your prayer will be heeded, have no doubt. In the meantime you are in my prayers, dear one.

Marie Cecile said...

Your right Honora, He is readying something for each of us. Even when I'm stupid to what he is doing in mine. I'm thankful.

Marie Cecile said...

Your words opened my eyes and I thank you for it. But most of all I thank you for your prayers, those are always special to me. God love you Sister.

Gabrielle said...

You are trying your very best, yet at the same time are completely abandoned to Him. It sounds to me like you are doing everything "right", not wrong, and I will pray that He will sustain you through these trials.

Marie Cecile said...


Thank you so much for what you wrote, it's not easy abandoning oneself to his will and endure the trials of life as well.

And I especially thank you for the prayers that will help me sustain these trials. I love prayers more than anything, for they give me strength.

God love you.

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