November 10, 2006

Only a dream

I felt the bearded whiskers as you breathed life into me. I smelled the aroma of a sweet breath, while thinking, Lord forgive mine for it is sour from sleep. I saw a place with water amidst the trees where down the road I could not see was three hospitals. Such is a dream that awakens my heart to the life of the trinity. Where the three hospitals symbolize a place of healing with Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The first one is called Unity. A calm dream, one of peace. Where around the corner children are swimming in clear water. You can see the bottom, while around the edges of the water are an abundance of shade trees and a well kept dirt road. It was a resort like place, but not. It had green grass and a log cabin style building. It almost reminded me of a place we used to go camping, but it was so very different. It was beautiful.

A dream of no significance, other than realizing the beauty of God's creation.

2 Words of Wisdom:

forget me not said...

I think dreams are never only dreams. Hang on to them MC!

Marie Cecile said...

I wiil, thank you FMN.

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