November 19, 2006

Made Him Known

One thing I have been finding beautiful is hearing about how others have had their life changed by an encounter with Jesus. Some are for a conversion of faith, while others to draw them closer to him. I began to wonder why he continues to touch my heart in the way he does, when he has touched others in a brief way, but yet it had an impact on them all the same.

I know I have had a strong faith all my life with my conscience pretty much being the source of how I do what is right or wrong. Even then at times I faltered there, I am not perfect. Today we had classes then something quite different for a meeting.

There were three topics being discussed in groups. We all had a choice on where we would sit and that would be what topic was in that seating. So in one group we had, end of life, in another we had euthanasia, and finally at the last section we had abortion.

I sat at the table that had the topic abortion. There was something I could not understand, if a person went through eight months of pregnancy to find out that it is jeopardizing their health and needed to be taken from them, why are they told to abort. When premature babies are born naturally, and since these are that close then if they are going to abort the baby, why are they not just delivering them so they can have the baby and still save their life. It makes sense, but I heard many are told to abort. Talk about a bad case of mentality. I didn't realize how truly awful it is out there, where money rules and people will kill for it. That's what they are doing isn't it.

That was part of my day, the other part I was selected to relate what brought me to the Dominican Order of Lay Fraternities. so I had given them a short version of my Eucharistic on going experience. In that process I was asked if I kept a journal, where this would reveal pretty much the direction I'm being led in. Since a huge part of journal writing is online then I guess I better go back and do some reading. Some of the other stuff I write is pretty much about things that are of a different nature but very much a part of what I am experiencing, but is not for other eyes but mine for now. Since it is in an area that I'm slowly understanding.

So now I should pretty much put it all together and take a look and then see what I have to read or what I may have missed in Divine Guidance. This is often how we are blind to ourselves too. I know God is working in my life, but I was afraid to put any importance on it, lest I put myself above where I do not belong. The other too, I was not certain of, what has been revealed to my heart that when at mass becomes revealed through the Word of God. Everything that is and is a part of me is from Our Lord. I've had to stand back and look to see the picture and what is being shown to me. Or should I say spoken to my heart. What do I see out of it all. What is he revealing that I could be so blind about. These can be tough questions. Discern is often the best way, as well as prayer. In God's time he will reveal when, where and how it all will come about, until then I abandon myself to his Holy Will.

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