November 29, 2006


It was a good day, and an unusual one too. I ended up working extra time, but what was odd was the joy that went through me between three and four o'clock. I could almost hear a tune, not the words that much. I know almost what song it was, and then I looked at my watch and noticed it was around ten of four.The feeling that was touching me in that hour was a joyous one.

It was beautiful and odd since it happened at work too, so unexpected. But I have a habit every now and then to recite the Our Father and several Hail Mary's during the course of the day and to quietly talk to him, those are nice times.

I'm still wondering what the music and the time had to do with the joy that was enveloping me. But with any thing else I leave it up to God to reveal his truth in his own special way.
I'm sitting here in awe as usual of what God is doing, and then wondering what message I was getting. Was it the music itself, or the music and the tremendous joy. Or was it the lyrics to the song, since I kind of know which song, but it's the pin pointing which one of the lyrics. Or was it God's own special way of just letting me know he is near.

Well anyway that was my little bit of excitemnt and now it's getting close to bed time.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Gabrielle said...

With a song in your lovely, mc!

Marie Cecile said...

It is Gabrielle and I treasure those moments each time.

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