November 28, 2006


First day on the job went very well. I was told they were on their best behavior. Hopefully it continues. Last night I showed a movie to the kids. I hadn't seen it in a long time myself.

I began to remember that all the movies made about the life of Jesus I began to collect when I was married. There was just something I loved about them. I didn't realize that I was always looking at Jesus' life and trying to live his example. Even when I faltered, but that brought home to me how imperfect I am and how truly wonderful God is to make me this way.

I began to see last night that God and Jesus and the heavenly family have always been my source of joy. I know that in this life people will do their darnest to squash the life in me. And you know something, no matter what has gone in my life it's the love that has always been in my heart that survives.

Anyway, time is short this morning and my time is brief. I will respond to any comments that I did not have time to answer when I get home. Have a blessed day.

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