November 07, 2006

Just Love

If ever there was a day that I wanted to just sit in God's lap it was yesterday. I felt so ill from my medicine. When that happens it usually takes close to half the day for my body to right itself. It's like being discombobulated, blah. But I did give him everything, my blah and all that goes with it. I'm glad that it passed and God has a nice way of comforting me in the process.

I had a nice talk with my mom too about faith. I realize how very much my parents do love us kids. We love them too, even when we do not always agree with what they say. They generally have our best interest at heart.

I did look up Blessed Andre, he is still a Blessed. I remember being told of the miracles that were attributed to him. There is one image that still stands out in my thoughts of a visit long ago, one of a hill. I seem to think the Oratory is on a hill. Someday I will be able to go back there and see.

While there it is nice to go the area that is home to the ancestors of my family in Quebec. It's been quite some time since we've gone to visit the homeland of my grandparents. My mother is always afraid to go back. Yet it is beautiful there.

I remember going to St. Annes Shrine, and seeing a beautiful rainbow in the distance. Visiting some of the outdoors falls and walking with eyes closed over a rope bridge holding onto the belt of my ex-husband. I was afraid of extreme heights, for a long time the bridges that we drive over that are very high, believe me I freeze on the steering wheel and drive away from the edge so I cannot see down. It's awful. I remember one time I prayed with all my heart to get across a bridge with out a problem, well guess what, a state trooper came flying up behind me and believe me I moved. Thank you God for sending him.

The last couple of times I went over the bridge I was okay, once I realized it wasn't the height I feared but my fear of falling from grace. That and the power of prayer from two loving parents while I was driving. But I still believe it was God's guiding hand each time.

I love God so very much, I don't know if there is anyone who can love so deeply as I love him. Yet there are many who do love as deeply and that is wonderful. God truly is good, and he does watch out for us and leads us on a path that is meant for us. There is no doubt of that. I see how he answers so many things, and the one's that I am finding are not, it's because I am not to worry about it, because whatever he has planned, I am to trust in his love.

4 Words of Wisdom:

Gabrielle said...

Marie Cecile, your memories are correct - the Oratory is indeed on a hill, Mount Royal, in Montreal. It's only a two-hour drive from my home, and we go to Montreal quite often, but now you've given me the desire to go back to the Oratory again. I've only been there a couple of times. St. Anne's is also one of my favourites. We were there this past summer.

Marie Cecile said...

Wow that's close for you. I'm glad that you ended up with the desire to go back again.

I think we went a few times, when I was a kid when we went on camping trips. Shrine's are beautiful places aren't they, when they are not commercialized. They are Holy ground.

I can still see in my minds eye the hill, it will never leave me.

Anonymous said...

I will make it to St. Anne deBeaupre someday, as well as to St. Joseph's Oratory. I will I will I will. :-) I have a very old, very beatup, very large statue of Anne holding Mary; it was my Fr. Canadian grandmother's. After Memere went Home, someone was going to toss it out! Good heavens!

Meanwhile, I am delighted that others can go to these places I can only long to see. Truly, I am delighted. Say hello for me, 'k?

Marie Cecile said...

I believe you'll make it there too.

I'm glad you have something beautiful that was from your Memere, a piece of her faith. And it is filled with many blessings.

Honora, are you close enough to travel to the Oratory and St. Anne's someday? For me, it is a six to eight hour drive from Massachusettes.

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