November 16, 2006

Is it a coincidence

Last night when I read something from Zenit, I thought my heart would stop dead. When I wrote about a dream I had, I couldn't remember the word that started with a U, so I thought it was Unity. When I saw the word UNESCO, I went, there's the word, there's the word. And to read that it had to do with unity of three places. I sat there in a state of complete awe. Because when I wrote of three hospitals, I assumed it was symbolic of healing and the three as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I had told my parent's of the dream, it was so vivid.

What I found interesting though, is the dreams that I have, I am never alone. There is someone beside me who is speaking to me and I am speaking to them, all the while we are walking from one point to another.

I never realized this, because it's only recent that they are like this. When I've tried to recall dreams from the past, it's like watching a movie. Whereas these lately are different. Is it odd or what. But last night was an eye opener, and one I'm not sure how to take. I know dreams are dreams but to end up with one saying something I've never heard was something else and if I did I don't remember it, because to me it had no importance in my life. And it may be just a fluke too. After all it was only a dream.

But when a dream and coincidence coincide it's eerie. God does do things in his own special way. I'm beginning to see that more and more. It's just sometimes not always easy to see the glade through the trees. I give him my all, but a part of me still says I'm not special to warrant this grace. But in today's first reading, I saw that we all are worthy, because none of us are worthless.

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