November 11, 2006

I have much to do, in trying to take care of what is long lost and now it will take a lot of courage to tackle.

I had my last visit with Sister yesterday, God love her. She treated me to lunch, but she has done something far greater than any have ever done. She directed me out of her time without recompense. Not an easy thing to do since funds are needed even for her to survive. She has done a wondrous deed. Even I in my blindness did not see the situation I am in.

With hope and prayer, things will change. After all God is my strength. Thank you Sister MaryAnn for your dedication on my behalf, for your love and kindness.

2 Words of Wisdom:

forget me not said...

Isn't it wonderful how God takes care of us by sending us wondrous souls who transmit His love and help us out?

Marie Cecile said...

FMN, yes it is wonderful. She has done a beautiful job guiding me in more ways than one.

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