November 26, 2006

A gift

Yesterday afternoon I attended a Rite of Ordination of a Deacon in my Parish. It was absolutely beautiful. The music filled the air like it never has ever done before. We have a good organist and choir, but the one's who did it yesterday are from the Cathedral and the organ was played to the max, it was awesome. The singing was beautiful too, I just wish the very high notes wouldn't blow my ears so much. I've prayed on that so often to be able to not cringe on them or want to stuff them with cotton. This I suppose is my one imperfection.

Well anyway it was wonderful to know and to see someone who has said yes to our Lord and heard his voice say, come follow me from my Parish. We don't hear or see too many answering the call anymore. I just hope the one's in poor countries are not becoming priest just to get out of their poorness. I truly hope it is a call from our Lord. Just like today's reading, how we belong to the truth when we listen to his voice. I'm not saying they haven't heard his call, but in poor countries becoming a priest is a way out for them. I heard this spoken of from others too so it is not my opinion but the opinion of others. But is there any truth to it, that 's what I wonder. After all isn't the priesthood a gift from God for those answering his call.

I have nothing against the priesthood, for I'm sure there are many who have listened to the voice and answered it. Same for the women, his call is beautiful, and not many hear it. I think God would like for us to hear him and turn our selves around and be the Church he asked us to be, one built on faith, hope and love. Most especially love for God above all else. This is so important to have this, because then love of neighbor is all the more easy.

God's love is truly beautiful to have, he is the most faithful one to give such love. I am glad to know and to have this love, because if I loose it then I've lost the greatest treasure I'll ever have. Nothing in this world is worth losing such a gift.

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