November 12, 2006

A few weeks ago.

There is something I didn't write down that happened a few weeks ago when I was at Mass. When I entered the Church I saw a new picture up on the column, it is one of Our Lady of Guadalupe. So while sitting there reflecting before Mass, I saw a brilliant flash of light on the Ladys garment on the picture. That day I chalked it up to being ill, or something else. It hasn't happened since.

But today after Mass I went up to see what was there, and I saw a star in the spot where the flash came from. I just stood there for a moment then I touched the spot, awesome. Every Mass I keep looking at that picture to see how on earth that flash could have happened. But now as with everything else, I did the discernment right up to today. This was four weeks ago already and for the past three I have kept a watch.

Now, more than anything the heavenly court is diligently working. Not just Jesus or God but our Mother too. When I left Mass it was with a vibrant step, one with sheer happiness in it.

That was the same day two special words were heard interiorly during mass. Heavenly Mother you are priceless and your love knows no bounds. I thank you for what you have done to reinforce the closeness that is ever present in my life. And I have since kept my eye upon the star. As I also recall a moment when you asked to have Rosaries said for World Peace. That moment seems so very long ago already. It is one I remember clearly.

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