November 05, 2006

Blessed Andre

Tonight a book was left in the kneeler at the Chapel. An interesting one too, since last time I had visited the area it was when I was a kid and we were on a camping trip and passing thru the area. The book is about Brother Andre According to Witnesses by Bernard LaFreniere, C. S. C. I remember a little bit about St. Josephs Oratory but not a lot.

Sometimes when the person or two before me leaves something behind that is readable, I look at it as a way of God speaking through it. I always ask, what is this here for me to understand. And sometimes it's just there. I use those moments to reflect on God's grace.

I cried tonight heart wrenching tears, not so much for a sorrow or grief, it just came. I suppose those are the tears of release, letting go and letting God show the way. I went to the evening Mass today too. I just needed to be there at this particular church. It was just an odd day that nothing was on the up side. And by now i'm beginning to understand the power of prayer of invoking Jesus name to banish any mischief, and believe me it works.

As the same in the Chapel and praying the Rosary when odd thoughts pop in, then I will call the name of Jesus and banish the evil one. He's pesky, a bothersome gnat.

When my sister stopped over to visit with my parents we were talking about this, and she had relayed how the same happens to her when she is praying the Rosary, how strange things seem to pop in the head, and she too will call on Jesus. We are all attacked by that one, one way or another it seems. Without faith we are unhappy creatures to be sure. We are just a shell of what we should be.

Well anyway, I did get to send out my resume today to a place and have it rejected. I sent it, but not for the right position that was posted, and that was my fault. See what happens when we try to sneak in via another route. A good lesson there, don't apply for a supervisors job as a clerk, or vice a versa. I'm not skilled for a supervisory job, but it was in the department I was aiming for, it still didn't work though. But I give myself credit for trying anyway.

I think I will say a prayer to Brother Andre tonight, according to the book he is a Blessed. Now I will have to look it up to see if he was made a Saint.

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