November 30, 2006


It happened again today when I stayed longer at work. Odd because this time I asked what song is it from. Because I seemed to have been getting the words Birthday of a King. Sometime around 4:30 I was getting Holy Light quite nicely. Dear God, no matter what I do in my life you are with me and I am finding out more and more just how much. I believe with all my heart that what he tells me is truth. In this regard I have no doubts.

Today I trusted what God wanted me to trust, and he never let me down. But what a test that was, and I am discovering something truly magnificent. I love you heavenly Father for the gift of your love. For letting me love you with all my heart and for letting me be who I am. You have brought me a long way since I was born. I am so very glad that you have kept me near your heart. That means so much to me, just as it means so very much to you to have us keep you near us.

I understand you in ways people do not, I hear you, I see you, and I love you with every beat of my heart.

4 Words of Wisdom:

Gabrielle said...

mc, does this one sound familiar to you? It also has the words 'holy light' in it.

Birthday of a King

Marie Cecile said...

Yes Gabrielle that's the song. It's awesome. Where did you find it? I haven't been on much this week so I have not had a chance to look for things.

Gabrielle said...

Well, your post intrigued me, so I just googled Birthday of a King, and the first one I chose on the list at google popped up with the words and music, so I wanted to give you the link. I've never heard it before in my life!

Marie Cecile said...

You want to know what is truly odd. My parents bought a Christmas CD while at LaSalette, it was a new release of a singing Priest. I heard this CD while we were driving home, then put it out of mind. I began my job and put my life in slow order. When I heard the music interiorly, it sounded familiar but I could not place it. The next day I did hear the words interiorly but still could not place where I heard it. When you gave me the link and I listened, again I couldn't place it. So by now I'm racking my mind with where did and why did it come to me. My mom, God bless her was playing the CD today a little while ago and I found the song. It is on the CD. NOw why on earth would I hear this particular melody and not one of the others? I know God is doing something with me, but what and why and what for. But I also know I should not question. I did discover a song on the CD I love and it's no where near what that song sounds like. Anyway, thank you so much for checking it out and jogging this mind of mine. God does work through people and I'm glad he does through you and the others.

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