October 15, 2006

United we shall be

During the evening Mass I had a wonderful thing happen, two words came barreling through in a pleasant melody. We had no music at Mass either. I was overcome with such love, it was something. I had the pleasure of these special words "Everlasting Love," it was just beautiful. More than anything I love when it happens during Mass, it's what I call a special delivery. So in my excitement I almost forgot it too, but had the grace to recall it so I could write it down. The bees and the fumes did not help to recall it either. After a day of illness that kept me from my appointments. Never spray poison in close proximity of your nose or breathe deeply either.

There are so many things that have happened through the years, but one I will remember with extreme clarity is a day in July a few years ago. I attended a concert with my parents, but before the concert I was praying. Something odd but beautiful came about in prayer. It was a prayer in unisom by two souls joined and speaking as one. It's the only way it can be explained. It was a prayer of uniting hearts. It was extremely beautiful, the words that were prayed I did write down to the best of what I recall of them, and they are put in a spot for safekeeping for now. I think the words that are possibly from a song brought it to mind.

Well anyway it was nice to remember it, no matter what brought it to mind. I think God has a special way of letting us know how much he cares and loves us when we listen to him. So on that note I will end with a special word to our Lord. Praise be our Heavenly Father for all the good he inspires.

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