October 27, 2006

One step at a time

The ceiling is up, now all that has to be done is tape and compound the joints and where the screws are. Once that phase is done then it will be painting time. For now I have a movable bed, place it on the floor, then take it up and place it by the wall. I haven't slept that close to the ground since I've gone camping as a kid.

Last night I did something different, I put in a tape to watch. I normally do not watch anything before bed other than EWTN. When I removed TV from my life three years ago, I have found that in the last year I have turned it on, but to do the rosary, or hear spiritual talk. Always a good source before sleeping. Anyway last night I watched the Song of Bernadette, no EWTN for a change. That movie always touches my heart. She suffered so much in bodily pain without any complaint at all. That is a feat in itself. All too often we whine about our own aches and pains.

Watching that movie must have stirred a sleeper in my mind, because I dreamt of Nuns. I'm not sure if it was a good one or not, since that movie always leaves me with a distaste for the religious life, by the way she was more or less told to enter a convent and not to live her own life. For me it just strikes me as a cold and unloving place. But that is a movie interpretation, and what they portray of the religious life. But is it one of reality or one of fiction that is the question. I think ever since I saw this as a kid it has always bothered me the portrayal of religious life as cold and unfeeling toward those who are chosen. I think it was the same also with the movie about Our Lady of Fatima, and the girl sent of to the convent. Maybe God will let us see how life is in there some day without it being hidden from all of us.
(new) I have met many religious who are not cold, who a far from what the movie portrays. I just found this aspect to be a negative in a positive movie, to give faith and how it can be manipulated. I just hope that isn't the way it is in this day and age.

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