October 03, 2006


Last night I would have attempted to write, but staying in my room would had me breathe in fumes from poison. My dad found where the bees were coming in and sprayed while I was not home. They found it by accident too. So I ended up sleeping on the couch upstairs. At least this morning the smell isn't too bad. Only had about three fly in this morning. Good thing there is a piece of the ceiling missing for the water pipes or else we would have had a nice big bees nest in the basement ceiling.

Last night my neice and her fiance were over. She asked me to do one of the readings for her wedding. I felt so honored to be asked. This is the first one out of my neices and nephews that is getting married. Saturday is their wedding day. She used to be an altar girl too. My sisters three children all became altar servers.

I think it is a nice thing that they are involved with the Church and with the community. That's something I never did. Even though I love God and have all my life I was also selfish, I wanted to do my own thing, it is with regret that I can't take back the time I did not serve my Lord. Even though I did serve him in other ways that actually was just as beneficial as serving the Church it was in doing acts of kindness my whole life.

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