October 24, 2006

Never Alone

A fairly busy day was yesterday. Between filling out job applications, preparing for CCD class, going to the hospital to visit my sister-in-law after her surgery, then going to CCD. What a day! It ended on a good note, with a wonderful conversation with a young adult, while she was waiting for her dad. I waited with her so she would not be alone in the dark. We were by the church so there was plenty of light, but no one should be alone.

Anyway we had a great conversation. One of the things we talked about is kid's not wanting a lecture. If anything no one wants a lecture, adults included. But how are we to impart faith without lecturing, especially to those who seem to have their ears blocked from anything anyone has to say. I was there too at one time, but I let quite a bit in, or else I would not have been able to have gone through so very much already in my life.

I have found out I'm not good at remembering names until I have to look and say their name as I look at them. I feel I offended a young lady last night because I should have remembered her name. Half of the class I can not place them with their faces and names as yet, so hopefully as I have discovered how to do this it will be easier in the future.

These young one's, they are good kids, more than anything I would love to see their faith in God grow in leaps and bounds. When I was talking to the young lady after class, her input was that none of the kids put their faith into practice. They don't live the Gospel, the commandments.

I am thankful for what I did learn as a kid in the way of faith, and even more glad that it stuck with me. I found that I did put into practice the Gospel, and when I sinned I remember how much that message stood out to take hold and shake me, until I released the sin that took me from the source of life, which is God.

Someday, maybe our world will wake up from it's sin and release itself back into God's hands.

2 Words of Wisdom:

forget me not said...

I hope that day comes soon, Marie Cecile.

Marie Cecile said...

Me too, forget me not!

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