October 20, 2006

My Two Dad's

This picture was taken at my nieces wedding on the 7th of this month. That is my Dad sitting there smiling, with me holding him. My Dad has some history with our Lord too. His parent's sent him to Assumption College in hopes of becoming a Priest. But God had other plans for him.

His vocation was to become a husband and parent to us unruly kids. To bring us up in a strong faith in our most precious Lord. My Dad suffered a heart attack at a young age, he was in his middle forties when his health issues came to the forefront of his life. I can tell you that out of all the hardships he has endured it was with a constant faith.

Many a time I would pass by their room to hear the hushed whispers of prayers being said by both my parent's. They have a strong devotion to Our Lady too. It's heartwarming to have grown up in a family that promoted prayer and faith. Even when we were allowed to go our own way and direction in life, faith was always in the background.

My Dad continues to have health issues, but out of it all it is the strength of his faith that has gotten him this far in life, where anyone else may be long gone. I love my Dad for his sense of faith and for the honor his gives to God. For his faith in me as his daughter. He sang my praises to another for going to school after all the years spent away. Is my Dad proud, you bet he is. Then I think about how God is proud of me too and ever so happy to be my Father too. And I look to the heavens and say thank you for choosing me to be part of your life and keeping me there. To my two very special Dad's, I love you.

I think if anything I am the truly lucky one. I have the best of both, a spiritual Father and an earthly one. And it's something that many of us forget, that God is our first Father. If I ever forget to Praise Him, guaranteed it will come out fast enough. I will sing His Praises until the day I die and beyond.

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Anonymous said...

Hello again MC!! Thanks for that wonderful photo with your dad. And finally i have seen your sweet smile. :))

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