October 12, 2006

God's will

An unusual morning this morning. It was spent cleaning up in preparation to having the ceiling removed. The bees have not stopped coming. So dear Father may your will be done. I have not much time to tackle anything more this morning. I hoped after the entry way was sealed the bees would stop, but not it seems we have a good size nest somewhere.

I'm beginning to get used to having live animals in my living quarters. We had snakes find a way in one year, that wasn't fun. I mean really, I would stop mowing the lawn when I saw one, and to have them not far while I was sleeping is eerie. So much for that. I have to leave in a minute to do the last of school, yeah. I love you Father, you are my hearts desire. May your will be done. Until later.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Gabrielle said...

Marie Cecile, I read this post after I left my other comment about the bees, so I didn't realize you were having this done. I hope it goes well, and they find the source of the problem.

Marie Cecile said...

Gabrielle, I found the other post you mentioned and answered it. Thank you for this one or else I would have not known.

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