October 11, 2006

For You Dear Father

Today is the last full day of class, tomorrow I only have four hours left to do then it will be over with. My parent's, God bless them are truly holy people. They have given so very much to many through the course of their lifetime. When I woke up this morning, it was with this in my thoughts. How very lucky I am to have very loving and giving parent's.

I know there are some who never know the love of a parent, because they also did not know the love of one. For the past three years my life has changed, and my family has gone through the process along with me. It is in the last year that they have given so much more of themselves when they could have had it easier.

When we went for the fall colors it was as a unit, we were united as a family. I as their child still dependent upon their graces. Just as I am dependent upon God's graces in my life. He has taught me more values than anyone I will ever know. He has shown me love that no one will ever know unless they seek it with all their heart. He has shown me the beauty of his creation, the world and all that is in it.

I love him so very much for giving me life, not life as we think, but LIFE. It's beautiful this life. God I love you so much, thank you.

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