October 22, 2006

A dawn

To give my Mom equal time, I will post at another time of her life with God. I need to find a picture of her, which I do not have from the wedding. She was an escape artist from the camera's view. And I thought that was my neat little trick to avoid the camera. I guess I take after my Mom a lot then.

Yesterday was her day, she wanted to go somewhere, and since I am the designated driver I was the one to take them. It seems my mom had an overwhelming need to pay a visit at LaSalette. For once it wan't my call to answer, it was hers. We had a nice drive, and I hope it was a meaningful trip for her.

There is always a special time no matter what when it is done with God's will in mind. For the past two weeks, when it seems trouble came calling, a discovery was made. And I'll tell you what a discovery! Now it seems I have laid it upon our Father's feet for the direction into which I am to travel and to what he seeks of me to do.
So for me too yesterday was a day to ask, Lord direct me in the direction you are sending me.

I have come to a greater understanding that my life is not my own, but a big part of God's. For what I have learned and how to live this life in his great grace is what I have come to understand in a better way. It is a tremendous undertaking, but one I accept with his blessing.

Father, by your grace and mercy may my life be one with you always by my side. With you forever within my heart and mind and soul. Father teach me to always seek to be last, to serve as you so loving have done. Most of all teach me to share the greatest treasure I have ever known and that is your love.

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