October 04, 2006

Come, follow

Next week is the final week for school. Thank you God for getting me this far. I asked for a chance to do it over and I was given this chance to do so. One thing I'll not do is question why things tend to be happening. There has always been a purpose to it, even when I was blinded to what it was. I recall those moments at the beginning and look back now and see how not only was I afraid, I was a petulant child when his heart called mine.

Even though I saw what I saw, felt what I felt, and knew deep within, it was the hardest thing to come to grips with. When your whole life was lived with him, but outside of him, it's like a jolt to the senses. One I was not prepared for. I knew the joy of his love, but I know the peace of where he is taking me.

Last night I was making arrangements with another Third Order Dominican to make a visit at a monastic community. This will be my first, her second one. I had an opportunity to do one before but I backed out because of my elderly dog. He has since died, it will be two years this month. I did not realize how long sometimes the process of growth can take. It seemed at the beginning I was so very full of our Lord, but that is his generous nature to fill us with his love. It was his way of saying to me I am worth his love and his desire is to make me a part of his life. Just as he calls so very many others to do the same. Some quite subtle, others in a grand way. Lord I have come to follow you as you prepare me to leave all that is behind. That what I do not have now I will not miss. That there is no more longing for what this earth can give but of the sweetest of natures. How my heart longs for you, Oh Lord.

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