October 26, 2006

Ceiling work

This is a picture of the torn apart ceiling and also a section of paneling that had some damage to it from previous work done when the window had sprung a leak years ago. Since God has a sense of humor with the bees, it was his way of saying take care of these things before they get worse. Out of moving one rug I also needed to move another one, to find a nice white residue around the edges of some of the tiles. I have been remiss on not running the dehumidifier, now I must do some scrubbing.

It will be a little bit of work, but the paint on the paneling will be finished, the ceiling will be whole and painted too. And yes the floor will also have a scrubbed and polished look to it, minus the rug for warmth. It's a good thing the stuff needed to buy was the two sheets of drywall, and some paint, thank God, it wasn't worse. Between my father and myself we will do it okay. Right now this seems to be the job I am required to do for the moment.

I am grateful to have learned from my grandparents and my parents on how to be self sufficient in doing carpentry work, or other things that are usefull in times of need. Most of all I thank our heavenly Father for adding to these lessons all those years ago.

It seems that God always has a purpose to why our life is the way it is. When he takes the time with us to teach us what we need, through others what a blessing. When my parents had their illness interupt their life for reasons God knows, it was then I learned the value of taking care of things and learning how to do for myself.

When illness struck, and should they have been gone, who would have taught me how to mend a ceiling, or lay a floor. At the time all I recalled was I was not ever going to be married.

But anyway it was part of God's plan that I be shown how to do many things for reason's only he knows. I'm just thankful I do.

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