October 17, 2006

Another step in the journey

I have a good group of kids, they listen fairly well. Last night they made a collage of virtues. They needed to look in various sources for articles on kindness, love, forgiveness. I'm proud of them. They did ask if I was going to write about them, and I wasn't sure, but as I am writing then I can say yes I am. They know that I write, they just don't know the titles of the two blogs I write, yet.

One of the young ladies asked me why I was teaching, I told her it was a few years ago when they were looking for a teacher, I volunteered. I'm not very good at keeping order in a classroom, but out of it all there is a wealth of faith that can be given along with the lesson to help them on their way. This is something I needed to understand too. That maybe some of what I have experienced throughout my life, will help them live a life more fulfilled, with a better understanding of God's love.

I think it would be sad to see these young adults go on their way and do the wrong and suffer for it. But then as I too was once their age and going through the question process as they are, it's not hard to understand them. All I can try to do is direct them in the direction that would keep them on the right path.

It is in living a life that had many mistakes and God's great forgiveness that helped me see so much more of what he wants. But I too had to learn the hard way. I forgave myself many times as well as others but I also needed to learn that letting go and letting God was important. I don't hold onto much anymore and letting God take over was so much easier than I could ever imagine.

There is one thing, it is in the way God came through in my life, that made being His witness all the more better for me to relate his love. I have found that when I am nervous I do not communicate very well. I don't stutter but many times what I need to say ends up lost. I think that happens some times too when I write. It's there but getting it from point A to point B I have found a glitch. I wonder if that happens to others too.

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