September 26, 2006

Seek Him

I just went in search of the picture that keeps showing up when I restart or shut down the computer, and I could not find it. I even changed the picture to something else. Now there is nothing at all there. It is in these strange things that I see the hand of the Divine at work. It's like he's saying I'm here in the background with you. When you need me just close your eyes and you will see me. Or when I open them to see him every where in the people I meet. His image is everywhere we look.

I think most of my life has always been like this, that no matter how things came about, there was always a reference to seeing God's hand in it. The same is now too. My DRE director had mentioned that there is a glow about me lately. Was it the step to accept taking a step much closer to God, or is it something more. Just as things have a way of showing up or disappearing, it all will come clear when he's ready to let me know my next step. All I can say is dear Father your love has made me yours in all ways. Without you in it I am not whole or alive. I have chosen the better part of loving you and seeking a life lived deeply with you. May my heart always beat steady and true to you always.

2 Words of Wisdom:

ccheryl said...

A reminder for me as I go into the workplace tomorrow to seek Christ in EVERY person...even my boss!

Marie Cecile said...

Good luck ccheryl, it's always nice to see him in all we come across even the grumpy one's. They are the one's who seem to need that smile more than the others.

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