September 10, 2006

Love those lessons

There was a person who I had the grace to meet today who had gone to school as I have. And is looking for a job in the same field of work. She has a child and is going through a divorce after being married 20+ years.

The place where I am going for my externship, I know there is an opening so I let her know. I hope I did the right thing, because that could have been a chance for either myself or another student that is also going there to be hired also. But helping someone out is what has to be done. God knows I sought that from others and found disappointment, and I will not let that happen to anyone else if there is any way I can help with a heads up or a tip or two to help. And in this often sought after work world it's often in who you know, that will get you the job, and some people do not have that luxury. No matter what, I still feel good about letting her know there is a job available.

There was another part of joy in holding a precious little one who is blind and quite helpless, she gets her nourishment via a feeding tube. I had the grace to be able to hold her and talk to her and watch this little one smile her special smile. She is also brain function impaired, but so very alive. Her mom is also going through her own difficulties, with her and a sibling. They are young this family, so when the young lady happened to ask, if I would babysit. I didn't think, but placed it in God's hands. So when I left our Parish picnic to go do my hour at Chapel, during my rosary they kept coming to mind. I went back to the picnic after my hour, by then it was ending and clean-up began, but I happened to catch them before they left. So I gave her my mom's number and let her know if she needs a sitter, I can help her out. I have a soft spot in my heart for those who were born not as we were fortunate to be born. They have love that we take for granted and push aside. They teach us the value of patience and love.

God has a way of putting people in our lives, to show us how to reach out and touch other lives. I am always amazed when I can touch these little one's, there love is so infectious. Their minds are not complicated as ours are, they are not filled with worries of what to wear, or how to look. They are the apple of God's eye for their simplicity. This is what I learn from these special needs children, how their love knows no bounds. I thank you heavenly Father for their touch through you for me to see the love they give unconditionally. Thank you for the lesson this day.

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