September 08, 2006

He is Good

This is the first chance I had to post on here since Wednesday on this blog. Thursday we had the last of the finals. Did a good job on those. Yesterday was cook all day, in preparation for a small get together at school for the end of finals, and for me the end of school. I found out where I will be going for my externship for the next month and a half to finalize my grade. Then the anticipated Graduation, which is held twice a year. That one I heard should be in December.

After the get-together last night, I came home to reschedule an appointment with my cousin, before she went to sleep. Once that was done, I was able to go and spend some time at the chapel. Last night was different though, there was a beautiful presence there. One I have not felt before, other than the time I walked through his spirit. While I was saying the rosary, I was gently pushed back where I almost landed on the chair. After that, I felt on my forehead a gentle touch to push again. That one I felt, it was so soft, enough that I was made aware of his presence. I haven't stopped smiling since. The peace I felt when this happened and even more so since then. How on earth can it be explained. I do know that this time there was no worry about who was in the room. Which is a good thing.

My God, it's true, I feel so enveloped at the moment, the abundant joy that is coursing through me, it's wonderful. How is it so possible to feel so much happiness without any reason at all other than doing what I am doing now. Relating an experience of God's presence.

I love him all the more for delighting my heart. For quenching the thirst of my soul. Most especially I love him because he is all that is good.

3 Words of Wisdom:

ccheryl said...

It sounds like a special experience you had. Are you part of a Charismatic community or attend a charismatic mass?
At my parish there is a charismatic mass preceded by a prayer service. It is offered by and for the hispanic community. One day during lent I was in the upper church for another lenten observance and we could hear them ...they sound sincere and earnest .

Marie Cecile said...

Yes it was a nice experience. As to your question, no I'm not part of a Charismatic community or attended a mass of one. All I do is go and spend time with the Blessed Sacrament for about 20 minutes of intense prayer for the world. I don't think I've ever been to a Charismatic mass.

What I have been to, is a wonderful lenten retreat at our parish. Are those Charismatic?

ccheryl said...

i do not believe so, though a charismatic group could have sponsored it. If it was, you would have known.
They are quite different from the regular liturgy..much more free...
The ministry of the Holy Spirit and the gifts ..words of knowledge, tongues, interpretations, etc..are given a major part in the service.
I guess it depends on one's temperament and spirituality...

I prefer the average mass liturgy.

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