September 02, 2006

Cooling Breeze

My brain, I think ended up being cooked. Now that I think about it so did my arms too. That's what happens when you play in a fire. Now I can actually say I am physically tired. I finally finished burning the pile of wood. It was a non-stop day until I managed to sit down. And one of those beautifully breezy cool days, was perfect to have an outdoor fire going. Wait, at least in an enclosed type of pit, otherwise it wouldn't have been too smart.

If I would have attempted to do this a few years ago, I could say I could have, but then I would have had a few problems along with it. It was a blessing that I ended up going to school, that gave my body a greater chance to heal, and for me to rediscover what my strengths and weaknesses are. Right now it's my muscles, from lugging the wood from the pile to the fireplace pit. It feels good though, and I thank God for the strength everyday I can achieve more and more.

Dear Father, I want to thank you for slowing me down and teaching me to adjust to a different way of life from the one I was used to. One that had me running and going far too fast for my own good. But it isn't just that, it's the love you showed me. You melted my heart from a heart that was full of love to one that loves so much more. Through your eyes, I see the world in a way I never saw it before. The beauty in everyone, and in all that you have made.

Today, when I was burning the wood and the breeze kept blowing on and off, I was reminded of something I once asked for. But that isn't what captured my attention in those moments, it was the trees and how the leaves would turn over or the way the branches would touch each other. Once in a while the trees would all move in unison in one direction. It is in those moments that you are so vibrant and there. It is in the trees that we see the motion of the air. As if it was a breath of heaven.

4 Words of Wisdom:

ccheryl said...

I feel as if I am listening in on a very personal conversation! But, it is blogged, so I guess it is ok, and I can say Amen.

A few days ago I was riding along a stretch of route 128 and as I came around the bend there were some very tall evergreens with their boughs and branches being blown about so that they were colliding with each other. All I could think of was David when he said the "trees clap their hands" in praise of God.
I find it marvelous how little snippets of the Scriptures are brought to mind by the Holy Spirit when we least expect it.

Anonymous said...


Marie Cecile said...

As Honora put it nicely. A smile speaks wonderfully when something said is beautiful. Thank you ccheryl for sharing how the Holy Spirit has touched you. :-)

forget me not said...

Beautiful connection Ccheryl. And Marie Cecile, this is a beautiful post.

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