September 01, 2006

Always time for Him

This morning was one for searching out paper work that I needed to fill out for school. Then deliver it, but come to find out I left out two things that had to go with it when I came back home. Plus on thop of that we had a visitor this morning too which did put me off a bit, that's why I missed two papers. But that's okay, since it wasn't going to be looked at until Tuesday. So for now I leave it till then.

I did get to mow the lawn, make dinner, and become totally lost. I took my walk, found a few four leafs enroute had a beautiful moment while walking. The thought marry me came to mind briefly. So in my thought after this I said, are you asking me for my hand? He delight's my heart when he does such as this. And me I still discern, not in the way of questioning him, but questioning myself and if it is my imagination. Then I rule it out, because he is a part of me. And I can refuse him nothing, so in my delight I said yes, if you still want me as yours.

This was the best part of the morning, but I grew tired when our guest was here, and I went out after giving this person a hug, and found myself extremely tired. So while driving I asked him for strength, but after a moment I put this tiredness at his feet. I had to wonder then if it had to do with a burden, but then I wonder if for some reason my sugar may have been low. Because after lunch and prayers I was fine.

You know God does strange things at times, while this person was here, I noticed a cat bird on the deck, it did not leave. After this person left the bird was gone. Now that I think about it there was another bird too, and they both were playing with the flower plant that was hanging. And also a chipmunk that was scurrying about as if looking for something. That was so interesting, but what this person came to bring was something I had thought about, perhaps two weeks ago. and here this person meets up with my mom a few days ago and arranges to come over to show us what she has to offer. Nice coincidence. God does give us things when we need them. And now I am here sitting and journaling.

This weekend in town we have the Portuguese Festa, which is the Festival of Our Lady of Fatima. it started today and will end on the fourth. I hope the weekend will have good weather for this special occasion that has been around for many, many years.

3 Words of Wisdom:

ccheryl said...

I love the Fatima devotions. This morning, the 1st Saturday of the month we prayed our usual rosary and prayed the litanies accompanying this devotion after the mass. Not too many join in now. I understand that most of those many who made it a 1st saturday custom for so long are either home bound or have died. I am the youngest one ethere, and I am 58 !

ccheryl said...

re: "marry me" beautiful! The Beloved and the Loved.

Marie Cecile said...

And your still very young too. It's too bad that there isn't more young people attending these devotions. It would be something to see for a change the young joining in.

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