September 16, 2006


It was a beautiful morning, we did our rehearsal, and I found out that my postulant class is being accepted into the Third Order, not making first vows per se. So I am writing to correct it. I don't know why I thought it in the first place, unless it was where I read it. But the last thing I ever want to do is mislead anyone, so I apologize for the error on my part. The current Novices are taking their first profession tomorrow too. Either way being accepted is like taking a big step into saying YES Lord I do, and I do.

Yesterday when I was having a conversation with Sister MaryAnn, I had mentioned that I only have experiences at the other chapel. But I ended up having one today in front of many people. We were kneeling and I looked up at the Blessed Sacrament while waiting for the rest of the instructions, I ended up so absorbed that I did not hear those next to me move. What captured me was Jesus up there. When they called my name I came out of it with a brilliant smile. I was stunned to hear my name, but I was more stunned by this experience that did not come from the other chapel. I have beautiful experiences when I receive communion no matter where I receive Him. But this was the first for gazing upon him up on the cloister partition.

Later when I was kneeling next to Elizabeth, it was the same, such complete joy and a feelling of drunkeness. It was beautiful. If only others could really know Him this way, they would never leave His side. What do they call it when you loose all sense of time and place? Is this then what they call ecstacy. If it is then this has happened quite a few times, some at Mass, others at the chapel, and now at this one at the Monastery chapel.

I had an opportunity to hug a dear friend and Sister in Christ who is going through a hard time. My prayers go out to her this night to heal her of her woundedness so when she goes before our Lord and professes her vows to him she will smile the smile of joy. God love her.

From there I went to my Parish for a workshop for ministries. I ended up late since I was elsewhere, but I still had plenty of time to have a rewarding experience with those of my Parish and the guest who did the workshop. I definitely learned a lot about the music ministry. And to think I do not sing very well at all. It was nice anyway.

On top of it all I did manage to mow the lawn too, after four p.m. Play with the birds for a bit, help with making tomorrow's dish for the reception, and now take a few minutes to write and then review and plan my class for Monday. Well, all I can say is Dear God, when you do things you do it in a big way. I didn't expect the powerful interlude, which I am glad did happen and with others present.

One thing I am forever grateful is your love, and I am so happy to give you mine. As I tend to do in the Chapel, I surrender my all to do your will, may my life be your life and may your life be my life. I love you dear Father for letting me know your presence with the sweetest scent of incense yesterday during the concert too. I almost failed to mention it, but the odor that just came reminded me about it and I thank you for it. I trust you with all my heart.

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