August 09, 2006


Okay, twice I started to write on here, and deleted it. I guess it was one of those venting moments. But what I was going to write about wasn't venting, well a bit close if you want to think about heating systems. Some systems use vents for warm air, others, water pipes.

Actually, I was thinking of the luxury of heating, compared to long before it was invented, the use of machines to replace the fireplace. How we deem this a necessity. Well we need it to keep our bodies warm. So isn't air conditioning also a necessity as well. We must also keep our bodies at a resonable temperature.

But then the thought went to a time long before we had such things, and how people survived, both the heat and the cold. By dressing for both, but in our day we have these luxuries to maintain an even body temp.

In my class at school we have grown women, wearing sleeveless tops, or halter tops, in a school setting, with air conditioning, claiming it's hot outside, then claiming it's cold inside. Well, excuse me, but dressing properly would be appropriate. So big mouth me, mentioned this tonight, when they claim they are cold and want the heat on. And the response was, I'm not in an office, I'm at school and I can dress however I want. This is an example of selfishness of others, and my little complaint, God forgive me, is justified. It's unfortunate that grown adults have to be so childish to just get their way.

Now that is my venting, which was not intended. So out of this, I find patience, tolerance, love, strength, calm and most of all peace. Because all too often I would take it upon myself, to be the bad guy. And the discovery is I'm not, nor was I ever. But when people see a nice person, they do their best to abuse their kindness. And even Jesus saw that when he confronted so much evil in his time. I have a big heart and I am thankful God made me this way.

3 Words of Wisdom:

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

(Taken from Prophet of the People by Dorothy Gaudiose, published by Alba House):

Padre Pio wouldn't tolerate low-necked dresses or short, tight skirts, and he forbade his spiritual daughters to wear transparent stockings. Each year his severity increased. He stubbornly dismissed them from his confession, even before they set foot inside, if he judged them to be improperly dressed. On some mornings he drove away one after another, until he ended up hearing very few confessions. His brothers observed these drastic purges with a certain uneasiness and decided to fasten a sign on the church door:

"By Padre Pio's explicit wish, women must enter the confessional wearing skirts at least 8 INCHES BELOW THE KNEE. It is forbidden to borrow longer dresses in church and to wear them to confession."

"Purity requires modesty, an integral part of temperance. Modesty protects the intimate center of the person. It means refusing to unveil what should remain hidden. It is ordered to chastity to whose sensitivity it bears witness. It guides how one looks at others and behaves toward them in conformity with the dignity of persons and their solidarity." (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2521).

It always saddens me when I see how today's youth - and especially young women - are exploited by our sin-sick society, a society which has an adolescent preoccupation with sex.

Our culture encourages young women to dress immodestly because our culture is impaired by emotional immaturity.

Marie Cecile said...

Thank you for sharing about Padre Pio. I've always believed in dressing modestly myself.

The young women today, as you say are exploited, but some do not have an upbringing that teaches them how to dress. Nor does the Entertainment give any help. They set the stage so to speak. Maybe someday they will they will be role models of proper dress as well as morals. But unfortunately, while we see a cess pit in that field it's hard for the young to have good values.

Anonymous said...

Young women are exploited by television shows such as Americas Next Supermodel and the fifth wheel.

These shows encourage immodesty and exploit women by teaching them false values.

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