August 18, 2006

Time to Relax a Bit

I did it, I goofed, paid the price and now have found my reward. I am hoping this will have corrected a problem I encountered. So far, I thought this computer was working smoothly before, but now I feel it seems much better. So does that mean that the whole purpose behind the mess up with switching the memory was a plus. I won't keep my fingers crossed, that superstitious.

Now that is something that, through the years I have found I stopped believing in, and that was superstition. It is amazing what we put ourselves through thinking about what is going to happen to us if we break a mirror, or walk under a ladder, etc. For a long time I would always say on Friday the 13th, that it is a great day, no matter what day it is, and nothing will happen to us unless we let it. It's funny, but those I used to work with would literally panic on that day, and say all their ill fortune would happen on that day. Well, when we think like that it will.

I think if anything when we stop acknowledging superstition and start our day with God, everything is right. But how do you tell people how they think is wrong about superstition, when it has controlled their whole life. It's like trying to tell them that God is the greatest love to ever come into our lives and have them believe it.

Today when I went to the Dentist, because I thought I had a problem, thanks Mom and Dad again for your help. It ended up just a leak from the filling that gave me a tint around a tooth on my gums. The Doc calls it a tattoo from the filling. Well anyway, I've known him along time, and had not gone to this one for maybe ten years or more. I went to a Dentist much closer to home. Today we caught up, on life stories. I told him about my divorce, and my entering a Third Order, and how I would be starting as a Novice. He asked me do I have the call. I looked at him with a smile, and said yes.

So out of all this, it was a good day. I fixed my error on the computer, went to have a dental check-up,stopped at the Monastery and paid a visit at the Chapel there, and spent time in front of the Blessed Sacrament, made tacos for supper; my Dad loves those. And now here I am. Today it seems to have flown by. But each minute was always spent in contemplation and conversation with Our Heavenly Father.

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