August 23, 2006

The Sweetest of Whispers.

Ever have one of those days when it seems no matter what we do it is a struggle. School seems to be that way the past few days. It is getting down to the wire now. I finished one class ahead of schedule, I'm done with the book, so that will give me a little extra on study time for another class.

It's time to hopefully get placed to do an externship after the actual classes are done. Once that happens then I will be able to Graduate. This school advertises placing people, so lets hope they follow through, or else they are falsely advertising. Not a good thing then.I guess I am anxious to get back to work. God does provide, but I also need to do for myself too, so I can take care of unfinished business. One thing I don't do is depend on others, other than my family. I have found disappointment through the years, and also gave out alot of forgiveness.

One thing for sure, God knows me better than anyone. He knows my heart and soul. But then again I have given him mine long before I realized I did. Tonight was a brief visit at the Chapel, it was extremely hot, and I was so very tired, from the shenanigans from school. I don't like being tired, I see that as a weakness in myself, so I offer it to you my dear Father. I pray for a restful sleep one with you in my heart. With prayers upon my lips to whisper my love to you. You know something, I'm beginning to think this is a great love story. One between God and man. What a thought.

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