August 21, 2006

Shhhh quiet please

There is one thing I have noticed when my parents are not around, and that is the noise level is gone. I occupy thier basement for living and sleeping, while they live upstairs in the house. One thing I have done for the past few years is have the television off. Only time it is turned on is very late just before bed to see a little bit of EWTN.

But upstairs is another world altogether, the TV is on, according to hearing level. Thankfully it is down at meal times. But today I have noticed the quiet more so. I am so accustomed to hearing it when they are home that it is second nature. But on days when no one is around, then it is a treat. I love my family and all those who need to watch it. It's a habit that for them is hard to break. But when it's on it replaces conversation. Family has suffered from it. For some they do not remember when we didn't have it.So when I think back on life before gadgets took over, people were more social with each other. Children played outside, no one was afraid to lock their doors. Now it seems, life is a state of paranoia, because of overly polluted bodies from chemicals that lace everything. From food to pesticides, to deteergents and shampoos.

One thing I have found, when the TV is off and no one around, the quiet is beautiful. It allows one's thoughts to focus much easier on God. I listen to music, but it is religious, as a way of praying twice with song. Thankfully it is a pleasure to delight the soul with twice as many prayers. I thank you Dear Father for the moments of silence, where I can give so much more of myself to you.

2 Words of Wisdom:

forget me not said...

I agree 100 %. Our tv in the kitchen broke a few years back, and I refused to replace it. Our meal times are now the best family time for us.

Marie Cecile said...

Forget me not, I'm happy for you. It does make a big difference, and people do not realize it.

God love you

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