August 16, 2006


I keep wondering where the time went today. But that is part of what happens when we don't notice it. It ends up gone.But out of it all, no matter what I was doing, I constantly keep my eyes on God. It's just something that seems to me to be very inportant. And when I think I'm slacking, all I have to do is recall those times when so much was there as a huge part of the proof he gave me.

I was to remember and never forget. I know there would have been many who would have loved to have received the special act of love from our Lord. I can honestly say, it bothered me at one time, because I personally didn't feel I was worthy of such a blessing. But with time and much from what God has done to show me I am, then I will not argue any more. And I know we all tend to have moments of weakness, of our own abilities. It was always by God's hand that from him and through others we see our worth.

I can look back and say, yes I did my very best to not do such wrong, That my path was always strewn with obstacles was to put it mildly, very trying. Yet, in all that time, the one thing I have always been certain of, is my love for God. That is one part that I can say I'm so glad that I have always kept him in my heart.

Had I done things different in life, I probably would not be experiencing the joy of His Divine love, and be a witness to it. But then again, he would have found someone who loves Him just as much as I do. There is something that I remembered today, it was the deep love of prayer and contemplation that I experienced, that and the love for the Mass. In that time was he showing me the direction I was to take, because at that time I was in a way not believing what was happening. I just had the deepest and most joyous love a person could ever have. It is incredible to feel and experience the Spirit of God's love. Was I overwhelmed, a bit.Did I understand then, hardly. I understand more today than I did yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow. I think I read that somewhere, just right now I'm not quite sure where or when.

Well anyway, since it was a long and short day, I'll close for tonight. I pray the world be at peace another day another night, until our sweet Lord fills the hearts of many with love.

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