August 17, 2006

A New Day

I was sitting here studying for a test, and stopped to give my thoughts a break. So I began to read more on our Lord. I read a beautiful and powerful prayer on forgiveness. I was reminded about how God truly forgives. What I also found was something quite odd. Yesterday, was a day on reflection of forgiveness, what is odd, that I seem to be noticing is coincidence with readings. There is something I don't do, and it's read the next days reading. I'll read prayers, talk to our Lord, but I never prepare for the next day. What I am noticing is almost as if at certain times I am given something to think about and reflect on, not knowing why. But now I know, or at least I think I know. And if anything it was a good learning lesson for me. When it touches my heart and soul then God has hand delivered it personally.

What can I say, there are moments in my life when not is all that smooth, or perfect. I have my worries, that I lay at his feet. Where I know in my heart he watches over me.

Each day when I take a walk, I always manage to find a four leaf clover, Sometimes many. But one thing I have discovered about finding them, it is not luck per se, but God's gift, to say hey, look here, what I give you. I never looked at four leaf clovers as lucky, I have so many of them that any wish that could be made on one was never granted. And believe me at one time I did wish, but found there was an altogether different purpose about finding them.

In my many conversations with our Lord, when I felt as if there was so much against me, I would find a clover. It was his way of speaking and saying I love you so much and see what you find that others do not always find, because you believe in me.

My brother-in-law is Irish, and one day when all the family was together, this was close to twenty years ago, we all went on a four leaf clover search. What was funny, was when they looked in one spot and did not find, I would go there and look with them and find one. That kinda bugged my brother-in-law, after time the searches when we got together ended. I'm sorry they didn't get to find any on their own, they got theirs by my finding them.

But for me luck still had nothing to do with it, like I said I always felt God was guiding me in those moments. I'm glad that His love is so great and wonderful.

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