August 03, 2006

More tolerance please

There is something I would really like to know. Why someone would put the temperature up to 85 degrees when we are having a heat wave. Unless they are sick, or on drugs. But like anything else we should not complain, at least I shouldn't. But I broke today when it was hot and my conscience wouldn't let me live with my complaint. So tonight at school when someone lovingly put up the temp, I just asked why, in the heat.

I don't excuse myself, I'm human, and hot flashing too, so what volatile nature have I been today. A very remorseful one, and it seems the heat brought out the one part of me I don't like. Someone who got upset. Have I learned a lesson out of this day, yes. I found a need for greater patience, that it's okay to be upset within reason. But I also found something I lack, and in the discovery, I hope it will bring about a greater awareness of my own folly.

I think this is part of the purifying process, it's just understanding when things happen and the consequences, this gives us a clue of where we need to mend a way of error in our life. Instead of fluffing it off, like I'm not the problem, when I could very well be. It's in seeing my mistakes and fixing them.

God gives us so many opportunities to do just this if only we could recognize them when they are brought to the surface. For me I was shown where I need to do more work on being more tolerant of the heat and of others who do not tolerate the cold. Even though we can not take off skin to keep cool, it is a lesson for me to place myself in the others shoes and pray for them and their needs, and not think of my own. I thank God for his love and showing me my own sin.

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