August 25, 2006

Lord lead me

After Chapel last night I had a nice conversation with another one of God's Adorers. I found myself once again on the doubting end of where my vocation is. But it was the question of how I was able to not think in the ways of lust toward men. It's funny but when I was younger I would have looked and did as most females do today. But through the years whenever I saw a man who was pleasing to the eye, I would always avert my gaze away. I didn't realize I did this until now when I began writing about it.

But for most of the time I would not look at a man with any thought of, other than they are male, nothing more. Not that men are fine looking creatures, but having gone the route of sin one time was enough to cure me of any wantoness toward another human being that could cause my heart to stray from God. I suppose then that following his will is all the more important for me than anything that could ever try to sway me.

But as in anything else in life seeking and knowing his will is always uppermost. I think when I am confronted by the question of whether or not what God's purpose is in my life and whether or not he may include another in it. I just leave it in God's hands. After all I go where God leads me.

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