August 08, 2006


Not for the first time have I mentioned a song that touches my heart. This one, no matter by who sings it, it gives me joy. There is something about the song Hosea that reaches deep. So I went in search of the lyrics. Now that I was not able to find it, I will have to listen attentively and write down the words.

I have heard it sung by two different artists, and also at Mass. And it still touches me then. My next step would be to read Hosea completely. That or just contemplate on the song lyrics and see what I am to discover. Why is it certain songs just happen to evoke happiness and joy.

This I think is part of the Holy Spirit's work, letting God's Word come through. Just like a breeze on a beautiful day, or a butterfly floating by. No matter what God is always near us. The saying if you have eyes to see, and ears to hear, well that one I understand. It's seeing God in everything and hearing His Word through whatever way he speaks.

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