August 26, 2006

Joy and Sorrow

What a beautiful moment at Chapel today, the joy was awesome, so were the brief tears. Just before the tears were shed during our special rosary I was overcome with My God, My God. So powerful that wracking sobs shook my body, yet in those moments without disturbing the other Adorers, I tried to keep them from happening, it was difficult though. I don't know why I was overcome, just like I have no idea why I wanted to fling my arms wide. I didn't though. There are times when I find it hard when people are present, it's always in the back of my mind about disturbing others in a quiet room. But God will have his way no matter what, when, where and how. He will speak to a heart that is openly trusting of his divine will. What I learned today was a bit on the end of my doing his will. so when I felt I was to fling my arms wide and didn't then I was not quite given over to do his will. Or as trusting as I thought, but then as I write this I also just realized the reason for the deep sorrow. Is it then to presume that I failed his test, by holding myself back for fear of disturbing others while in His most Holy Presence. Then all I can say Dear Father, the love of my heart I beg your forgiveness for not listening and responding as I should. But then again, I left there with joy in my heart.

4 Words of Wisdom:

ccheryl said...
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ccheryl said...

I attent a parish which is multicultural. There are Catholic immigrants..very strong in their faith from hispanic and haitian backgrounds.
What you have explained happens all the time at Adoration and not just out of emotion; tears, hands upraised in loving praise, yet in silence.
Infused prayer. Such happenings come suddenly and out of nowhere but straight from the heart of God drawing us closer and letting us know there is so much more He has to give of His love. If it is GENUINE, it can't be mustered up, not can it be lengthed..but it is pure gift. It just creates more of those SOULFUL LONGINGS

Desert Dreamer said...

How beautiful, you are truly blessed. There is nothing more beautiful than spending time with our Lord.

Marie Cecile said...

ccheryl, I'm so glad this happens to other people too.

And yes, they do come out of nowhere as you explained it. I thank you for this, It helps for me to realize his love all the more. God love you for your wonderful explanation.

Desert dreamer, thank you for you kind words too and coming to visit. Being with our Lord is always a pleasure, no matter where we are.

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