August 30, 2006


Last Wednesday in one of my classes we had a test. The teacher was out on injury so if we had questions they were not answered. But we just found out our results. Sad to say I made some big mistakes. I completely forgot to follow a rule, due to the background chatter of others giving the answers to each other. I was so certain I was doing the test right that I lost the way. It was a lesson in humbleness. Never be so certain that all is well. But out of it all, I did have pretty much the right answers, but they were in the wrong order, which took points away.

In that light after getting good grades that one was tough to accept. So after class I went to the Chapel and just gave it to Him, and thanked Him for what I did receive and pretty much thank Him again for another lesson in humbling myself. There are times when I feel as if I'm crawling on my belly at the foot of our Lord. That's how low to the ground I seem to be getting in the department of humbleness. I recalled the day of the test, and thought to myself I did pretty good. Well that was my lesson in not exalting myself in any way.

Out of this though, when it comes to using what I learned for a job, I will not forget this one important lesson on what order things should be done. Then too, I need to remind myself I am not perfect and it's okay to make mistakes, as long it is one that does not jeopardize the soul. Heavenly Father I love you so much, that I surrender my all to do your will. May what I do each day bring a smile upon your face and more love to your heart.

Oh and thank you for letting us find out that next week is the last week of school and not the Monday of the 11th. Now it's just waiting anxiously for where I will be sent to do a live lab. This too, Dear love I lay at your feet.

2 Words of Wisdom:

ccheryl said...

There are times when I have felt like I did my best,followed the Lord's will as best I could,yet everything that came of it was failure. I remember about 15 years ago..I'll NEVER forget this...I remember feeling like I was alone.So alone. Deserted. I was a failure, I had absolutely not 1 friend or even acquaintance who was a Christian who would understand what I was going through. I had taken a stand for what I believed according to my religion was right, and was unjustly reprimanded and rejected for it because it was not politically correct. As I walked down a hall I remember crying out from way down in my heart.. not with words, but with one great meaningful-yet-silent sigh..."My God, I am so alone". I walked out to my car and just sat in the quiet. As I sat there , "He" came to strengthen. I won't try to explain, because in the explaination
some of the experience is lost because words are inadequate to explain such a thing as St Teresa , Therese and John of The Cross tell us.
But from that day on I learned that even a sigh from the heart is heard in heaven and goes straight to the throne of God!..EVEN A SIGH !
He care. He knows. Even when we think not.
"I will never leave you nor abandon you" Heb 13:5

Marie Cecile said...

I know what your talking about, and his presence in our life, what beauty he reveals to a soul that longs for his love and acceptance. He gave you a treasured gift, that not many can say have received, one of his undying love for you.

And I understand how tying to explain a mystical experience could detract from what was received. I'm just so happy that other's have and do know of His touching a heart is about, and the beauty of his love.

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