August 05, 2006

His Presence

What a glorious day it was to be in the mountains again. This time it was to Stockbridge, the Divine Mercy Shrine. What a breeze and such clean, clear air. My Mom mentioned about going there yesterday, so today we went.

Before going, I took my walk in the woods as usual. But I was not there in thought as I should have been. So as I was nearing the first turn straight ahead was this leaf doing a shake, so I approached it and put my hands around the area, and did not feel any air moving this leaf. So by now a smile started to come up on my lips. I'll tell you, I just stood there and said, okay, you have my attention now. And proceeded to thank him for letting me know he was near. I came out of the woods with a deeper sense of awe, so when we went to the Shrine, that visit too, was just as meaningful, His presence was all the more felt.

I know he is with me always, and it's so beautiful when he gives so much of himself just to let us know he loves us. For me that meant all the more, he continually reinforces his presence in my life. And I love him all that much more. So when I thought about who I love so very much, God is the very first and will always be. I love Jesus too, and the Holy Spirit, but sorry guys, God has first dibs.

Whether it's corny or not, to me God is everything.

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