August 19, 2006

Heart's Desire

Brothers, my heart's desire and prayer to God on their behalf is for salvation. I testify with regard to them that they have zeal for God, but it is not discerning. For, in their unawareness of the righteousness that comes from God and their attempt to establish their own [righteousness], they did not submit to the righteousness of God. For Christ is the end of the law for the justification of everyone who has faith. Romans 10:1-4

Every now and then I read a good passage in the Bible when I seek His way. I always ask Him to teach me his ways. Even if at the moment it does not make sense to me, somewhere down the line I will recall and think about this at a time when His will is made known. I try very hard to seek His will in all things that go on in my life. I know I have to live, but the one thing that is uppermost is always having God with me daily. There is something that from the first moments of knowing His love, and feeling it within my heart, was the greatest pleasure, a person could ever know.

As in any relationship we have with a new love, with time we become comfortable and adjusted to our life in God. Or as a person in a life relationship, we tend to let things run it's course and sometimes we stop giving so much of ourselves to each other. Since I once was married and know the hard work that goes into a relationship. I can appreciate this relationship so much more. With a live person we see who we love, with God we do not see, we love blindly everything about Him. I know the Bible says we can not see God and live, yet I have. And I have felt His love within my heart, the joy, the happiness that no one on this earth can duplicate. There is nothing that can create this type of all encompassing love from God. It's absolutely wonderful, it's beautiful. That's why I named my other blog God's Wonderful Love in the first place. Because His love is beyond any we will ever know.

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