August 31, 2006

A friend

Getting home late tonight was out of the ordinary. There is one young woman who somehow I help at school. Tonight I hope I was able to help her in another way, by listening to her. She ended up sharing over the course of time a lot. I think we covered many subjects from life to school. She told me tonight she was told to stay away from me from the others. How odd, since they began class after I was there for quite some time, I helped them when they first started, to adjust to studying.

But after they were shown, they showed me a side that wasn't nice either, yet I still love them. But that is as I learned, small stuff. I began to understand that their tactic was to say the least, intimidation and it didn't work. I watched grown adults use this with the students, and any new teachers we managed to have. Just to see if they could get their way. I almost found myself becoming jaded from the vileness. And there was no need of it at all. It is in these moments that not judging is often the hardest when people go out of their way to cause so much hurt to others for jealousy. And from what the conversation I had with this person tonight, revealed that there is so very many out there just like these ladies we go to school with.

But my friend said something, they don't have God. She had said when you have God, nothing bothers you, because he is your strength. I know this and so does she. I pray for her, because she would like to have her life better than she has it now. Tonight I told her, look how far you have come, you are almost done with school. Next step is getting the job, but for her it is harder, she has two young one's at home. It is in these moments that I see the hardship others have and don't want.

Tonight I gave her an ear, so she could talk to someone who she can trust. I gave her hope for a better tomorrow, I attempted to boost her confidence. If I could I would be her mom too. To take away any hurt she maight feel. Out of this, isn't this what God calls me to do, to reach out to others. To be a friend when a friend is needed. Just as Jesus is our friend when we need him. Then I understand what compassion is all about. What offereing love to neighbor is about. But the best part is God smiling because I did it for him.

2 Words of Wisdom:

ccheryl said...

I too have taken courses along side the younger set..young mothers and singles...and I have experienced the same coldness...especially when they see me reading a spiritual book at lunch or my religious medal. Too 'old fashioned and superstitious' for some.
But we live our lives for Him and with His Passion in mind. We are never alone.

Not too many people really know how to listen, never mind take the time to listen to another. There are many souls looking for someone who will listen. Just sit in silence and listen. I wish I were a better listener.

Marie Cecile said...

ccheryl, you don't realize it but you are a good listener.

God draws you deeply to his heart. And when someone needs you to listen you do. We tend to think the worst of ourselves, but look back and see how you listened to words written and words spoken and how much it has touched your heart, how deep in your soul it spoke to you. This is listening with the heart and not with the mind.

God love you

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