August 15, 2006

Catching Up

For a few days I have been trying to update an out-of-date computer. I was able to briefly make replies to comments. On the other blog put one thing and not write. I was having too many freezes. This is what happens when we don't keep up a computer. But my mom only used it to play her game of solitaire and Diamond Mine. With the exception of reading some things on the Internet.

So as a lesson I now have the pleasure of redoing some things that will let her not sit and wait for a page to load or have the computer freeze up. Because of my shortsightedness, I now am taking care of it in a big way. It's good though, because it taught me something quite extraordinary, I enjoy working on a computer and trying to fix it. But I also see God's hand in this too. It's as if he's saying look where you enjoy and what you should be learning. This is what I'm showing you. He gives us glimpses into what makes us happy in a field of work, it's up to us to recognize his direction. But then again, discerning is always the way to ensure that it is His way and not mine.

At least last night I didn't have the smell of a skunk in my room. I'm beginning to wonder how on earth it was so strong in the first place when the area where the window is, had no odor there, and it was open too. But I do have basement windows that are closed, so it's possible Pepe le peu, was spooked by something, because that odor never left the house until late yesterday. What was extremely strange was when I hung out laundry, a ways away from the house and every now and then the smell was as if the skunk was right there. One of the ladies at school had mentioned that someone she knew had smelled skunk yesterday too. So yesterday was Pepe le peu day.

Now it's raining and that's a good thing too, since rain is always needed to replenish our water supply. Only problem, it sends any chemicals we spray on the ground into our water supply in the ground and cause the water to become polluted. We don't often think about what is on the ground and where it goes. Even though the ground filters all as it gets slowly washed through the soil, it still by concentration will pollute after time, the water level deep in the ground. My opinion anyway. I wonder if that isn't what we will discover about the water and not having any clean water to ever drink. Is this mentioned in the Bible? Now I will have to look and see. Thank you for the rain Heavenly Father.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

We Frenchmen get a bad rap.....why does a cartoon skunk have to be French? Mon Dieu!....:)

Marie Cecile said...

Just so we can all have a laugh! I could have used skanky skunky odor from the skunk, but that didn't sound too good, either. So we French people need to take the rap for the lovable cartoon character of sweet old Pepe Le Peu. The French definitely have the best.

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