July 14, 2006

Teach me more

Hosea 7:1-2

When I would bring about the restoration of my people, when I would heal Israel, The guilt of Ephraim stand out, the wickedness of Samaria; They practice falsehood, thieves break in, bandits plunder abroad.

Yet they do not remind themselves that I remember all their wickedness. Even now their crimes surround them, present to my sight.

It seems prayers are needed, for the crimes of the past and present. The things that are happening in the world, the strife, the wars. The mistrust people have for each other, it's so sad. We have become a world where emotional games are constantly played. The greed that rules peoples lives. If one person can do it so can so many others. But all it takes is one person to pray from the heart to reach the heart of God. All it takes is true sorrow for one's sins, to be saved. But mostly it takes wanting to change oneself, to keep God within our hearts.

Father teach me always to live in your truth, where life truly begins. Je t'aime.

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