July 21, 2006

A Storm

I managed to mow the lawn before our company arrived. I was also able to fix supper before the storm took out the power. In all the years that I have known this has to be the first time a lightning storm did not frighten me. And believe me we have had a few close hits too. Today it was right there, flash and bang, it was awesome. When my sister popped over we found out a tree was across the road down the other street. So it was a candle lit dinner after all.

It was nice to spend time with family. Those are the times when we bond with our loved ones. I have been finding out I'm not a fond person of the heat. And then I can honestly say I am spoiled also by the use of air conditioning. I love days when the weather brings a cooling breeze, especially on a hot humid day. I try not to take things for granted, because in an instant they could be gone. No matter what weather we get, whether it's needed rain or snow, it's all part of His plan.

I thank him for giving someone the knowledge to bring comfort to many.

Tonight I pray for the strife in Europe, in this country too. Father of heaven and earth, please come into the hearts of many, so they may know your love, and bring about peace. They need to know peace within their hearts, so they may know love of neighbor.

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