July 23, 2006

A Spiritual Visit

It was quite beautiful today in the Mountains. It was cloudy but quite nice anyway. I decided to take an off route, rather than the highway, to get to my destination. The ride up was peaceful and reflective. I was able to arrive at the Shrine at a reasonable hour to do a rosary and the way of the cross. I was able to enjoy a beautiful concert for awhile, then after I did more reflection and prayers and contemplation.

I think at one point I discovered something important about prayer and myself. I love prayer. I love God, which I have known for a lifetime. But it was the discovery that I belong to God, that I am His. I know I said yes, and I know I am still discerning anyway. Until all is settled that's all I can do. My hands are tied for now. It is God's will that reveals itself in time.

My mini retreat was rejuvenating, it restored balance. We all need this, when we seem to get distracted. It is good to refocus upon the direction Our Lord is taking us. For me it was enlightening to pray so deeply for peace. But it was also in having to pray from deep within our soul that is where we need to restore not just harmony, but the balance that keeps us from falling over. I have not been able to go to La Salette in New Hampshire in a year, and it was time. I have always found renewal there. I am sorry that I did not have time to go before now like I have in the past few years.

When I reflected today, I also recalled when I was young and going there. The place was so full of people, and it is a truly Holy place. I think Shrine's have been seeing a dwindling of people. I's too bad, because they are there to give rest to those who are weary.

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