July 17, 2006

Power Loss

It was one of those days when not feeling good had kept me in bed. I slept pretty much all morning into the afternoon, when around 2:30 p.m. we lost power. When I looked at the thermometer for outside it was reading a nice 95 degrees. And here I slept the heat away. But finally after a morning of praying and sleeping I finally felt better. And pray I did, every time I was awake I would begin to pray. Something just kept me at it. I think even when dozing off I was praying. Well anyway, power was restored much later, and the town still has some areas without power.

I would go outside just to appreciate the cool air inside even when there was no movement. Talk about keeping the drapes shut and the doors closed. Such precautions just to keep cool air in. After awhile I was thinking about long ago when women wore corsets and long layered clothing, and no air conditioning. We have it made, when we can live in such luxury as having air conditioning, when lots of people can not afford this commodity. But I was thinking of a time long before it was invented and how people managed. I think we are spoiled by the means of keeping cool and keeping warm. When power loss happens we begin to think of those who never had, and a time when there was none. Would things have been different for all of us if we didn't have these luxuries to rely upon. All I could think of is a nice cool breeze would be so very welcome any time of the season, for that alone is refreshing.

Either way I thank you dear Father for seeing me through another day. Je T'aime

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