July 15, 2006

Out of the Heat

I thank you again for the strength to accomplish much needed trimmings. I thank you for allowing me to be able to work tirelessly in the heat. But I beg your forgiveness for any complaints about the heat. It's something I've always had a hard time tolerating, the heat. It would have to be because of the sweat, that seems to accompany any physical labor when we are hard at work in the lovely heat. And depending on what we eat the ramifications of odor could be something not all that sweet smelling. Laughter is good for the soul and right now it feels great. Believe me I am poking fun at the antics of working in 90 degree heat, not a smart thing to do working in the furnace. Sigh there goes the humor. On to snowy thoughts where the air is refreshingly cold. Now that also brings to mind why snow looks so clean and pure. My favorite time of year, when all is white. And why is it that no two snowflakes are alike? Is it possible that no two raindrops are the same size too. God does have a way with what we receive by way of rain and snow. Like living water, and ice crystals. One cleanses the other refreshes.

Today I made two trips to the chapel, since yesterday I missed going. Now that is always refreshing. No matter how people put God on the back burner, and not realize how truly great He is. For me it is always a pleasure to think about him, to talk with him and to pray to him. But I think it's the talking that truly makes a relationship with God. I talk to him as if he was a live real person via thought. Once in awhile I'll look skyward and say, Hey what are you doing up there about the mischief going on down here. Are you going to fix it or what. He might not answer those, but one can hope. There are times when I see or hear something that will show me an answered question, from before about something insubstantial. And I'll start laughing, and saying thank you for answering me. The laughter is my joy in the knowledge of being answered. Nothing is taken for granted, every small thing that may or may not be is always thanked and appreciated. That is my delight.

And then there are the times when I do not think, and I err by a complaint. And I regret my sense of not being absolutely united with God. And off I go to cleanse my heart anew, to never offend my God for my lack of control. But it is in those moments that I realize that I'm not perfect, and that God does forgive those small lapses. And then I strive all the harder to mend my will to his. I never said it was easy to follow God, his way is hard, yet easy. It's the slip ups that are hard, it's living his will that is easy when all is given to him. Je t'aime mon Dieu.

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